Thursday, July 10, 2014

And the fairies are born!

What a productive day!
I am so proud of the girls, they worked very hard and were able to finish making their fairies. We talked about their powers and also named them. Each girl introduced their fairy and explained their super power. Olivia is the Helping Fairy, Margaret is the Healing Friendly Fairy, Anne and  Emily Elizabeth are the Loving Fairies, and Pixie Dust is the Sharing Fairy. We really enjoyed listening to all the introductions and we were polite and said "nice to meet you!" to each one of them.

The afternoon was awesome sauce! We learned cross stitch and backstitch and made beautiful cards. Though we poked our fingers a few times, we all laughed and had fun.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The power of pixie dust!

There is so much to share today! We are so excited to present the actual Heartfelt Craft Shop. It's been opened 2 days, we've had 3 classes already and I hope the campers are as happy as we are!

We have been happy-busy crafting, learning manners, we've made a powerful fairy wand, a magical tooth fairy pouch with the morning fairies. And in the afternoon we made beautiful handmade cards.

Fatima, my daughter, has been an amazing helper and we have been so lucky to have my niece, Camilla, visiting from Nicaragua and being a fairy helper!

I believe in fairies! Just like Wendy from Peter Pan kept saying. The power of pixie dust, lots of work, and great moms that trusted their girls to Fatima and I have made this fun summer camp possible. Thanks to all!

I leave you now with some pictures and I am off to the next session.
See you soon!

This is a note and gift we mailed to our campers. Hope they liked it!

 Look at the shop! Se pretty! Sew happy!

Our plans for the week.

Our plan for the day, see how busy we are!

Powerful fairy wands.

Happy fairies!

Magical tooth fairy pouch.