Monday, March 3, 2014

Faith + hope + a little bit of pixie dust

The summer camp is finally taking shape. We worked so hard planning each session and have come up with 6 different ones.  We are receiving a wonderful response from some lovely camper's moms and we could not be more excited to see our dream coming true one camper at a time.

We did not have school today because of a wonderful white dust called snow. I love waking up to a white day, it's so bright and magical. We don't have snow in my country -the coldest it ever gets is 75 degrees- so it's always amazing to see it fall + slowly fill the ground, the trees, the air.  I always imagine a world dusted with confectioners sugar. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

With the white inspiration, Fatima and I woke up thinking about our pixie dust camp, of Peter Pan, lovely Tinker Bell + the Lost boys.

 After doing some chores -a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do- we decided to do some of what we love... crafting, of course! Having some pixie dust in mind, some white dust at sight, we dedicated this day to all the fairies that will join us on July 7.

We started making the magic wand, we had a chance to dream of the things we would do if he had one. We would most definitely put more faith + love + hope in everybody's hearts. You would get some, too!

Our next project was a tooth fairy pouch. In my country we don't call it a tooth fairy but a tooth mouse (raton de los dientes) I can assure you that it really is so much cuter that what you have in mind! Anyways, I made one for Fatima when she was 4, a cute little white pique bag with the sweetest pink mouse you have seen. She was so excited! Still remember those blue eyes wide open + filled with excitement!  She convinced me to stick to the tooth fairy...she is so much more beautiful that the mouse. 

We could not decide which one we liked more, so here's the other one we made.

After that, we made the pom pom skirt and Fatima posed for the heartfelt craft shop in the snow!

I had fun with Fatima. We listened to music + we had a lunch break we stopped for a while to make  
a toilet paper roll car with Juan Ignacio + we were choosing electives for high school + talking about dreams + wishes...I always tell Fatima that dreaming is free, so she should do it often, after all, if we don't dream, how will we know what we want to work for?

The plow was like the tic toc of a clock. I heard it pass so many times but it's taken a break + that is exactly what I will do. It's time to close the shop + go home - lucky me, it's just a door away.

Have a fantastic week!