Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Welcome to the world!

And the baby is here!

Please welcome The Heartfelt Craft Shop to the world of blogs!

Date Of Birth: February 26, 2014
Weight: Countless of ounces of dreams + love + ideas + hope
Place of Birth: My home in Vienna, VA
Mother: Blanca Munguia

I wonder...was it born Feb, 25 or was it born when I first had the dream of having a craft shop where all things were handmade with love? Perhaps this is just like marriage, you are married the minute you say YES! but it is formalized the day you get the blessing. In this case, it was born since I was little, when I was teaching my dolls + was crafting every minute I had.

Today, not so many years later, I have invited my wonderful daughter Fatima to join me in the "making come true" of this dream. She will be working hand in hand + heart in heart with me to turn this summer camp into a one of a kind experience for everyone, the campers + their parents + Fatima and I.

Officially, the doors of the craft shop will open July 7th at 9:00 am when our first summer camp starts. In the meantime, we are very busy preparing + planning + crafting like crazy + choosing a high school (I still can't believe it) + doing tons of homework + having so much fun.

I have never done a blog before. Not sure of many things yet. I do know that I want to share the adventures of the heartfelt craft shop + share my craft abilities + learn from you + keep in touch with you + have an amazing time with my daughter Fatima + share the amazing creations of our campers + more!